captsparrow4evr (captsparrow4evr) wrote in grovesexual,

A word from one of the Mods

Crossposted to the comms I moderate.

I went to the list of categories for the revived "potc_votes" comm. I would advise anybody who cares about Turrow (Jack/Will) in any capacity to refuse to participate in that comm as long as they do not include Jack/Will as one of the categories. They have Elizabeth paired with most of the major characters. They have Jack/Barbossa and Jack/Norrington as a category but Jack/Will is not a category. (Heck, they even have Jack/Angelica as a category!) I believe this reveals a prejudice on the comm's moderators that is unbecoming to them at the least. Until this is remedied, I urge everyone to boycott this comm.
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