Corri (corrielle) wrote in grovesexual,

Fic: The Price of a Tear (1/1)

Title: The Price of a Tear
Author: [info]corrielle 
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Lieutenants Groves and Gillette
Word Count: 3,586

Summary: The Spanish thought that destroying the chalices and smashing some rocks around the Fountain of Youth would break its power.  Luckily for Groves and Gillette, they were wrong.
Author's Notes: Though I've had this idea since I stopped weeping copiously after seeing OST for the first time, the "Tear" challenge at [info]blackpearlsails is what motivated me to actually write it down.

The Spanish had seen fit to drag him off to the side before destroying the Fountain—a small kindness for which Groves knew he should be thankful. 
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