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Fic: Ten Points (Beckett/Norrington/Groves; NC-17; 1/?)

Title: Ten Points (1/?)
Author: </a></b></a>dorianslover   with help, as always from  </a></b></a>greeneyespurple 
Diclaimer: If I owned 'em, they would be playing like this all the damn time. But I don't. They belong to the mouse.
Rating NC-17. XXX. 18+ Only.
Summery: When word reaches Beckett of a sighting of a certain First Lieutenant leaving the cabin of a certain Rear Admiral, Beckett decides to make a deal with the men: they can either choose to play a game or they can choose to be put to death.
Warnings: Very dark; the usual mind-fucking; voyeurism; wax play; (more to be added as they come along)
Author's Notes: Well, Halloween is about a month away and for some strange reason, I have been listening to heavy goth metal/songs written in a minor key/very weird and disturbing lyrics. Which does very bad things to my brain. So in honor of my least favorite holiday (I don’t do ‘scary’ and ‘gory’-savvy? As scary as I get is the edited version of SAW or Jeepers Creepers II on Sci-Fi, or the full version of Sleepy Hollow), I decided to write some very hot Norrington/Beckett/Groves Bondage!sex so enjoy.


The Bondage Song (Unchained Mix)-London After Midnight

Carry On…Screaming (Ruins)-London After Midnight

Nightmare (From ‘Lord of the Dance’)-Ronan Hardiman

12 Black Rainbows-Type O Negative

Paint It Black-The Black Dahlia Murder

Paint It Black (Theme from The Devil’s Advocate)-The Rolling Stones

Breaking The Law-Judas Priest

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Full version)– Iron Butterfly

Thriller-Michael Jackson

Ghosts-Michael Jackson

Requiem (The Fifth)-Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Nights In White Satin-Moody Blues

Poison (Alice Cooper Cover)-Groove Coverage

Wings of a Butterfly-HIM

SO! Onto part 1 of the fic!

To be called to Lord Beckett’s office was known Company-wide to be the kiss of death. Men who end up in Beckett’s office, more often then not, ended up in resignation or being sent on assignments from which they did not return. That is what worried First Lieutenant Theodore Groves when he was told that Beckett wanted to see him his office, and he meant now. He walked down the corridor, running through scenarios of what could happen to him, then began to formulate apologies that could possibly get him out of the bind he was about to be in. Maybe is he…no, that wouldn’t work. Well, what if he….nor that. Or he could….Theodore sighed. He was fucked, and he knew it. He entered Beckett’s office and stood with his head up, hands against the small of his back, legs spread slightly in attention. “You wished to see me sir?”

Beckett sat slightly to one side in his overly-ornate chair, one hand resting on the arm rest, the other arm bent at the elbow, his chin resting on his curled fingers. His blue eyes shown in the fading light of the candlelight around the room, and it made Theodore’s skin crawl. He wondered if this is what judgment before Satan must be like. “Indeed I do,” Beckett answered, his hand falling over the edge of the armrest. He leaned back slightly and did his best to hide his smirk. “You do not fear repercussions, do you? You are rather open about your opinion on subjects. It is a shame you are not that open with your sexual escapades”

Theodore cocked his head slightly to one side. “Sir?”

“I have it upon good authority that you have been spending your nights with a certain Rear Admiral James Norrington.” Theodore froze. “Is that true?” He opened his mouth repeatedly to answer, but all that ever escaped was air and the occasional ramble of pronouns. “Oh come now. The more honest you are here, the more likely you are to leave this room with your pride, your dignity, your rank, and most importantly-your life.” He leaned foreword, the candles lighting up the shadows on his face and causing new ones to form. “I do not take well at all to disloyalty, as I am certain that you know by now, lieutenant.” His blue eyes grew hard and his expression darkened. “Are you fucking him, lieutenant?” He asked, his tone wicked, all his emphasis on the single word.

Theodore visibly shook. His lower jaw trembled and he felt his knees ready to give out. Beckett’s voice was always lyrical, crisp, smooth, like some sort of demented lullaby, and it wrapped Theodore up in its black silk, engulfing him and causing him to drown in it. His eyes became alive again as he lowered his head slightly and looked into Beckett’s piercing blues. He could strip a man right down to his very soul and it both frightened and fascinated him. “Yes sir,” he finally admitted in a shaking voice, hoping that if he simply admitted his sin that he would be simply reprimanded and sent on his way.

Beckett lifted his head and smirked. “I could have you hanged for that,” he said, pushing himself out of his chair and walking over to Theodore. He trailed his fingers along the front of his neck gingerly. “But why would I do that? I rather like your neck unbroken, unmarred-as it is.”

Theodore bit on the inside of his lip. He had fantasized about his Lord since the first time he had laid eyes on him, but he knew that it was all a folly wish that would land him in a noose then in the pits of hell. He swallowed hard and Beckett’s smirk grew. “Do I make you nervous lieutenant?”

Theodore’s mind screamed. His body screamed. But he simply shook his head and answered with a soft “No, sir.”

Beckett’s features darkened. “Oh I should. You are yet to even taste how dark I can be.” He brought Theodore’s head down and he kissed him, sweetly at first, then growing in fury.  Unsure on how to respond, Theodore simply remained still. Beckett smirked and pulled away slightly.

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